Friday, 23 September 2011

What are you working on....

....right now?

Hi there everyone, I am sitting here in the middle of quite a large project and just got to wondering what you are all working on?

I am currently working on a bespoke piece.  My customer has two shawls in her collection and cannot buy any more as the shop she bought them from has stopped making them, which is why she has come to me to see if I can re-create the pattern. Here is one of her shawls;

and a close up of the shawl;

The order she has put with me is for mainly black, grey and white with a high contrast of blue.  After working out the pattern (which was not as easy as I first thought) I started to make the coloured flowers/centre of each motif, here is a pic of just a few of them, actually in this photo are the centre motifs for just the first 3 rows of the shawl;

There are 72 grey flowers and 62 white flowers needed to be made before being joined together with black like in this photo;

It should look quite striking when finished shouldn't it?

Well that's me, I would love to know what you are all working on right now?

Catch up soon!


  1. Looks beautiful so far, and I love the colours contrasts - definitely striking! I am currently working on my sketchbook project (see blog for more info) x

  2. Just been over for a read, I too wish I could draw, like you I can copy but cannot draw freehand so to speak, what a lovely collection of cleverness that is. Wish you luck with your project (I would love to see how you get on but if like me you will not want to make public your sketches). x