Monday, 19 September 2011

Decision made!

Well, after my last post and a number of conversations with various people I have finally come to a decision about where and how to sell items made by Loves a good yarn!

I would like to state that I support handmade, however its made.  For more information on this there is a badge on the right of this page or click on SHHIM.

I am going to go down the route of my own website,  I am going to keep my shop on Folksy, even though I am not too happy about how Folksy have gone about things and their timing is dire but as I have spent a fair amount of time promoting this shop and have built up a small reputation with some buyers but I intend to use it in future to feed through to my website.  It will be stocked with a selection of crochet items but it will be clear in the shop description that more sizes and colour options will be available on the website.

I will also have to change blog providers as the template that I am planning on using for the site will work with a different blog but I will be letting you all know over time before the move occurs (so if you wish to carry on following me you can).

In the meantime I will keep you all updated with the goings on in the world of Loves a good yarn! and I will keep posting photos of products on Loves a good yarns Facebook Page.

Thanks for reading and catch up soon.

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  1. Sounds Like your moving forward. Good luck with everything, and keep us posted with your news.