Monday, 31 January 2011

Weigh Day

Well, weigh day today and shall we leave it at I am not happy, 1 has gone on (might have something to do with all of the really yummy and very naughty food eaten this week - hey ho!)
Eldest's birthday tomorrow and going out for a meal so back on track after then methinks!

Saturday, 29 January 2011

My little girls are growing up soooo quickly!

Today has brought it home to me and my husband just how quickly our little girls are growing up!  Today was the day for building the bunk beds as our youngest is too big for the cot and their room is so small that we cannot fit 2 single beds in there.

Here is eldests bed before dismantling;
and the space that 2 of them are going to fill later

I suppose flatpack furniture can look quite overwhelming sometimes!

All parts present and correct !

Once work had commenced, I did what most wives would do and decided to remain quiet and try to only be helpful when asked, things were going quite well with construction downstairs -
It was once construction moved upstairs that the swearing began!
by this point I could hear whistling so a) I knew things were starting to go right and b) it was safe for me to go upstairs and have a look!


Dressed with new bed linen for new beds

Do you think the beds have been met with approval?

Night night   zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

So far we have not heard a peep from them so they must be well away, all tidying up has been done so time to go and pour my poor worn out husband a well deserved glass of wine and start tea.
Lets hope I dont hear any bumps in the night!

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Folksy Friday - Comedy and things that make me laugh

As I went to see a certain Mr Stephen K Amos on Sunday gone, who was very funny by the way, I have spent many a minute this week chuckling while remembering the events of Sunday.

For that reason I decided to make this weeks Folksy Friday about comedy and laughter, I had a great time looking through Folksy at all the amusing and clever stuff that is available, here is just a selection of some of the marvellous things that I found.

child proofed my home sign wooden plaque
Tigerlilly Primitives and Cutie Pie
hand glazed plate distressed laundry fun plaque
EeksiePeeksieCeramics and KristiKrafts
Spider plant Its the little thingsCharlie Chaplin print
Four and four legs, Gweddus Art and Silent Theatre

So there you go, some of the things that I found whilst browsing through Folksy that made me smile, laugh out loud and that could easily be applied to myself, enjoy.

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Losing weight

I intend to lose weight this year, I did lose a lot 2 years ago and then with a combination of attitude and new meds I put it all back on last year!  (why is so hard to lose yet it goes back on sooooo quickly?)
Anyway, as other half says, he intends to be married to me for a long time so for that reason and for the sake of my 2 little girls I intend to improve my health with some weight loss.
I will not use the word diet as that instantly conjures up the world failure ( in my head anyway) but a better eating regime is the way forward.
I have been doing this since 4th Jan, didnt lose anything the first week and gained last week (which did not amuse me in the slightest) but I am pleased to say that this week I can report a loss of 2lb, yay -  heading in the right direction.
Why am I posting this on here I hear you ask?  As an added incentive is the answer, basically, if I have to report to others (albeit voluntarily) then I would be happier if they are positive reports.

Anyway, to anyone reading this who is also out to lose weight, good luck, may we all be successful in this!

Monday, 24 January 2011

Grannies - gotta love 'em - An introduction to crochet squares

Ooo I love grannies - the square variety (although I do love the relation kind too!), a much maligned staple of crochet (the 70's have a lot to answer for).

The granny square is very versatile, from super large squares that are very traditional baby shawls down to smaller ones joined together to make colourful blankets, cushions and even bags.
Then you can get variations on the same theme, granny triangles, granny rectangles, granny circles, you can even get granny stripes - these I intend to explore in more detail over time.
The granny square theme has led to more and more elaborate squares being designed and created, to the extent that there are now hundreds of patterns, mostly free, out there on the internet to choose from to suit various experience levels.
I intend to show you some of the variety of squares on this blog as I make them to swap with other people form around the world, but not in this instalment.

As a member of Ravelry - an online community for knitters and crocheters, I have joined a number of groups that swap 6" squares on a monthly basis, either to a particular theme - holidays, seasons or colours, or to a members preferences - colours etc. (like those below - jewel colours was the request)

I also make squares for a couple of groups/charities that put together blankets for people who will benefit from the well wishes of those that have made the squares, these squares can be made in any colour combination, a great way to use up all those little bits of yarn left over from other makes.

Next time I will show some of the 12" squares that I am working on and that I have received from another swap, these will be making a blanket for me to keep me warm when I go and live in a tent for holidays!
See you then.

Friday, 21 January 2011

Well, here it is and here I am, my very first ever blog and as it is Friday, this will be my first ever Folksy Friday blog.
Folksy Friday's are written by sellers on , a UK only handmade craft site, to promote both Folksy and other seller's crafty-ness.

In the few months I have been on Folksy, items that I have made have very kindly been featured in blogs written by other people so by way of a thank you, I have chosen an item from each of their shops to showcase today.
If you like what you see click on the picture to be taken to that particular shop and you can see what else they have been making.

hand knitted mice and daisy tea cosy Fabric butterfly book of love
large magnet kiss better than I cook Tiger eye coil bracelet
Alsatian/German shepherd card Pink Bag

crinoid fossil jasper keyring

From left to right, row by row we have; Beaniehats, clootielugs, mariadivine, uniquebeadedgems, cardswithadifference, uniquelyyours and Nofkantscurios.

So.....there it is, my first venture into blogland.  I enjoyed this and will be back soon with more musings, hope to see you there.