Friday, 30 September 2011

Customer input.

Good morning (well it is at time of typing!) everyone, hope you are all well and enjoying the warm and sunny spell we are currently basking in, I know yesterday that records were broken with high temperatures but I wonder if new records will be set today or over the weekend?

Anyway, as I am currently working on Winter warmers, with more ideas running around in my head I thought I would take time out to start working on design ideas and content for my website for when it goes live!!
I have plenty of ideas but thought I would ask followers and readers if they have any ideas themselves, as I am sure that we have all seen and used sites that are both good and bad.  What kind of things do you like...galleries of work done/available, separate pages for different categories, multiple sizes/colour options, do you prefer simple uncluttered backgrounds or textured/patterned backgrounds, what kind of colours work and what colour combinations don't?

I would appreciate any input that you have as I want to create somewhere that is a pleasure to shop in and who better to ask than those who shop?

Thank you in advance for reading/suggesting, catch up soon!

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