Thursday, 1 September 2011

Folksy Friday - Crochet Thread, Stitches and Fine Detail

I love to crochet, that much is obvious but I really love to crochet in do all the really fine detailed work.

Thread crochet is exactly the same as yarn crochet except for the thickness of what you are crocheting with, fashion thread for clothing tends by numbered #3 or #5, bedspread weight/mainstream thread is generally #10 but you can get #20, #40, #80, #100 (!), I believe that you used to be able to get thread numbered over 100 in the past.  The higher the number the finer the thread, the highest that I own is #80 but I have not used that yet, the highest I have worked in #20.
The stitches are the same in whatever medium, yarn or thread, plarn (plastic yarn from carrier bags, video tapes etc), T-shirt material, twine, etc.
Hooks for crochet thread go very very small, the largest you would use for thread would probably be 2.00mm and can go as small as 0.6mm !

My love of thread crochet is the reason that I chose to make a lace Christening Gown for the competition at the Anglesey Show this year.
I have had the pattern (and the #20 thread) for quite a while, just waiting for the right moment to make it, when I was told the class title was for crochet in the competition, 'A crochet item for a baby', this seemed like the perfect moment.

The excitement that I started out with turned into a typical large project relationship - more of a love/hate any knitter or crocheter...or any crafter for that matter!
The amount of Micropore tape that I went through protecting my finger, at least 2 rolls, as the fineness of the thread and the constant back and forth with the small hook meant that I just kept cutting into my finger.

However once finished, washed and put together, I fell in love with it again but now that I had to put up for someone else to judge, suddenly I lost all faith in my skills, I didn't want someone to critisize my work!

Turns out however that I was fretting over nothing as my entry was well received and I won 2 awards - Yay!

My love of thread crochet is the reason and the theme for this weeks blog, I wanted to take this opportunity to show you some of the marvellous stuff that has been created with such a versatile medium by some other Folksy crafters.


Studio Aitch~Bits&Bobs Crafts~FaustaPink900~Isamo Crochet
MiCrocKnit Creations~Craft Junction


As usual, click on the image to see more info on that item or click on the shop name to browse other items that are available.

Thanks for taking time out for a read, catch up soon I hope.


  1. Wow, so detailed! Not surprised you won awards, it's lovely! Great finds as wells.

  2. Thank you so much for featuring my bookmark. Your Christening Gown is amazing. Have just finished a custom bookmark on a 0.75mm hook so am giving eyes a rest and doing something bigger :-)

  3. Hi from Folksy. Great selection, and fab read :-)

  4. Thank you for featuring my crochet necklace. You have a lovely blog!

  5. The gown is amazing - I admire your patience and skill. Some lovely choices - you've inspired me to get my crochet hook out :)

  6. Thank you for all of your lovely comments, it has been a pleasure to feature such lovely items and to show the versatility of crochet thread.

  7. Kim, if I have inspired you to get your hook out then I am even more pleased!