Friday, 1 April 2011

Wedding cake Part 1

Morning all, following the panic over the last few weeks making stock for a craft fair last Saturday, this weeks panic is getting a wedding cake right for my cousins wedding tomorrow.

I can make cake, thats not a problem, I can make very good sponge cakes (as my family will tell you) and my cousin has asked for sponge cake so nothing to panic about, right?.........WRONG!
It is probably just because it is for a wedding and that there is going to be a reasonably large party afterwards, but Oh My, has making this cake got to me.

Yesterday I made the sponges, 3 of them, a 9", a 7" and a 4"

Phew, can breathe a sigh of relief that they have turned out, here is a better idea of how the cake is going to look...
Right, so today is now going to be spent icing the cake, my other cousin (his sister) is making the cake topper so I dont have that to panic about and having seen pics I am seriously hoping I can get my bit to look as good!

I will be back later with more pics.......keep everything crossed for me please?


  1. Wow! They look marvelous! I bet they are going to look stunning when they are finished (-;

  2. They look good,i hope youll show us the finished article.
    jean x

  3. Can't wait to see the finished cake it already looks yummy!
    Jan X