Friday, 1 April 2011

Wedding cake Part 2

Right, icing the cakes...hmmm, normally my cakes are either glacé iced or butter-icing iced, but this is a wedding cake, nice smooth finish required which means fondant icing, ready-to-roll stuff, which means never been used before stuff!

But first, lets do what I can do, fill the middle of the cakes, easy peasy,

Now for the interesting (!) part, made sure I watched a Youtube video last night about how to ice a round cake, all info taken in and ready to be put into action, well apparently I didn't put enough icing sugar down on the worktop to stop it sticking, start again, apparently I didn't put enough down the second time either!  Third time lucky as I managed to get the stuff off the worktop and onto the cake.  Fondant icing is soooooo easy to mark as well, think I spent as much time smoothing out marks that I left trying to smooth out marks that I had made!

Finally, after more hours that it should take anyone to ice a cake I had finished, I will show one just one layer done and then tomorrow I will take a pic of the whole cake, topper included.

Next issue...transport, hmmm..............

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