Sunday, 3 April 2011

Wedding cake part 3

Finally, its time to relax!  The wedding was yesterday and it was gorgeous, everyone had a great time, the bride looked stunning and the groom cut quite a dashing figure in his suit and it meant that finally I could relax, the cake had been delivered to the venue and was in pride of place, I could just enjoy myself and the party.

Getting the cake to the venue was a tad stressful, all layers were boxed, I had collected the cake topper from my cousin (the grooms sister) and that was also boxed but I knew the groom had a slight problem staying on his feet (as sometimes in real life I believe! Love you Ste, x), I had visions of him marking the brides dress in transit, was worrying that the other layers would slide around in their boxes leaving marks all over the icing, the only one I wasn't worried about too much was the largest layer that I had hold of on my knee as the box I had been sold for this was too small!

Getting the venue was going fine until we hit a traffic jam on the flyover in to town, a slow moving jam so panic mistress here was starting to stress even more as we had to find the venue, deliver and sort the cake get back home and get all 4 of us ready to get back into town with an hour or so...aaaarrrrrgh!

But as usual with most of my panicky moments, it is never as bad I tend to make out, found the venue, sorted the cake and home again quite quickly, sort all 4 of us out and back into town to the registry office, turnround time 45 mins or so....not bad!

So here after all of my waffle is a pic of the finished item, bride and groom very pleased with the cake so everyone happy!

Not too sure if I will ever offer to make another wedding cake..........wait n see.