Saturday, 26 March 2011

My very first Craft Fair

Hello, well I am back from my first ever craft fair and I am pooped to say the least!
How can it be so tiring sitting there all day, being polite while crocheting away?.........I don't know but by heck it was.

Here is the venue, used to be a hotel apparently but it is now quite exclusive sheltered accommodation, looks like it would have been quite a spectacular hotel in its hey day.

And here is my table, I have never laid out a table before so it was a bit daunting, didn't want it too look too cluttered but I didn't want it to look to sparse either, I think I got it right, what do you reckon?

Listening to other stall holders, it seemed a bit quiet but as I had nothing to judge it by, I was quite happy, I sold a number of small toys and hair accessories, one of which was a custom order placed that afternoon by a stall holder, gave a short crochet lesson to another stall holder and had many a conversation with passers-by about the joy of crochet in general.
I also saw an old work colleague, from more than 10yrs ago so some catching up was done there (small world isn't it?).

So yes, first fair done, plenty of stock left, have much more time now to make more stock and it will not be in such a frenzied manner as it has been this last month (as that was how much notice I had), so now I can get back on with the wedding prize of mine that a bride for June won in a recent competition as well as working on some of the bridal shawls I have the materials for and that I am dying to make a start on...but that is likely to be another post.

Hope to see you all soon, I am off for a well deserved sit down and a brew I think.


  1. Well done you!!! I've got my first one next month and I'm still really nervous about it...worried that I'm not going to have enough stuff and things like that :-)
    Glad it went well
    Sam x

  2. Good to hear you enjoyed your 1st craft fair. Well done on the sales.

  3. Thank you, don't feel too nervous and you will probably find that you have way more stuff then you will need, just take something to work on while so you don't feel like you are watching everyone! I had my crochet and it was a good icebreaker. x

  4. Well done! I did my first last year and haven't looked back! Where was this craft fair? If you live around London / Surrey / Essex area I'd be happy to let you know of any that I know of

  5. @Charlotte, afraid not, I am all the way up here in sunny (at the moment!)Liverpool, London may just be a bit far to go for a craft fair but many thanks for the offer, x