Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Serves me right!

Ah, gauge or tension, whatever you call it, do you swatch or not???
Me, nope never do a tension swatch, waste of yarn as far as I am concerned, not to mention time....or is it, is it more of a waste of time making something and it coming out a different size because you used a different yarn etc, ?

Along with this is assumption, we all know that assumption is the mother of all screw-ups (!), you think that by my age I would have learnt this valuable lesson once or twice by now, but it would appear that sometimes I dont learn from my mistakes (yarn related ones!)

There I am last night twirling my hook, creating yummy crochet goodies to take to my first craft fair, starting an American pattern for a baby hoodie, now in the past I have been caught out with an American pattern, (another of those mistakes I mentioned earlier), their worsted weight is similar to our Aran and having made a childs cardigan following the pattern instructions it came out like cardboard, there was no flex in the material. Turns out the hook size was far too small for the weight of yarn, so this time, be the smarty pants that I am, I moved up a hook size (wasnt going to make the same mistake, I thought), did I do a tension swatch?  Did I heck!

I was only this morning when 3/4 way through the hoodie, I decided to measure for tension....guess what, it was wrong, number of rows was fine, it was number of stitches that was wrong, I had too many.  This meant that the 0-6 month jacket I was making was wide enough to fit an 18 month old...aaaarrrgh!
I thought, I know why dont I check the listed yarn to see what description it is given and lo and behold, it is DK weight yarn not Worsted Weight like I had assumed !

So what do I do, do I pull it all out or do I carry on because the length was for 0-6 months remember, hummed and haa-ed for a bit and I have decided to finish it off, will do a deeper contrast edging for bottom border and sleeve edges to bring it slightly closer to the right measurements for the size it is and it will be a perfect Spring/Summer hooded short sleeved jacket for a little girl, for when there is a slight chill in the air.

Now, this time, do you think I will have learnt my lesson........only time will tell methinks!

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