Friday, 11 March 2011

CiBi has now changed to I Love Handcrafted

What is CiBi you may be wondering, well CiBi stands for Craft it Buy it, it is a brand spanky new site that will be a market place to both showcase all the wonderful handmade items that crafty folk like to make and where people with good taste and an appreciation of 'handmade' will be able to buy from.

The website will go live in April and at the moment there are the forums where you will find an ever growing community of friendly people on hand to chat to, you can find this here, come on in and have a look, no-one will bite!

Look forward to seeing you all there.

Right, well after me posting this yesterday it would appear that there has been a major hiccup in the works so we have all moved over to a new site called 'I Love Handcrafted', you can find us here
At the moment I am not sure when the website will go live (will keep you updated on this) but the forums have the same wonderful crafty folk so as I said before, come on in and have a look.

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  1. Oh,that does sound interesting,I'll pop over to have a look at the site, many thanks for the info. Hx
    Ps I think I might have got a bit carried away feeding your fish.......