Thursday, 24 February 2011

Folksy Friday - Yarn

Hello everyone, well its that time of the week again, the end of it AND Folksy Friday.

This weeks theme is Yarn and yarnie things,this is because earlier this week, while having a few minutes downtime I was mooching around Folksy and I stumbled onto this whimsical little Wreath by Bumble and Cosmos
Yarn Rabbit Wreath

From there I decided to do a search under Yarn to see what other goodies could be found under the word 'yarn' (and this was such a chore for this yarnaholic - honest!)

Below is what I found, as usual click on the image to see that item in more detail or click on the shop name to see what other yummy things they have to offer.

Violet Post-Sport Weight Merino Yarn Earrings Yarn Blue
Abstract Cat Crafts and Teasemade
Framed Art Newspaper Yarn Knitting or Crochet Yarn Bowl
Zygotegifts and Caractacus Pots
WPI Gauge
Tree Gems (I want/need one of these) and Bodrighy Wood

There you go, hope you enjoyed this weeks selection?  See you soon.


  1. Lovely yarn based finds! Being a yarn crafter, I love anything yarn associated. Off to check out the new shops to me.

    Natalie x

  2. Ohhhhh I like that yarn bowl! I'm going to check out that shop some more.

  3. Lovely choices & thanks for joining the blog hop :o)

  4. Great stuff - my FF's a bit yarny this week too :) Aren't those yarn pots fun and such a good idea too. x

  5. I love the yarn bowl too, there are some lovely options in her shop-I think they are such a good idea esp just at the moment my yarn ball and just skeeted across the floor followed swiftly by a cat!

  6. Great selection. The yarn bowl`s are a great idea. Love the purple shades of yarn too. Linda

  7. Love the yarn bowl, so cute! Millie

  8. Not that I am copying, but i like the yarn bowl too! I could do with miniature ones for my threads. Thanks for featuring my earrings.

  9. I really like your choices - great stuff.