Thursday, 3 February 2011

Folksy Friday - Four and things in fours

My eldest had a birthday on Wednesday of this week and she is now a very grown-up 4.  It is very difficult to remember what my life was like four years ago before she arrived and I cannot believe how much my life has changed, she enthrals me as well as exasperates me on a daily basis but when she smiles and tells me that she loves me, I just melt and it fascinates me just how much she can make me feel.

It is for her that this weeks blog theme is 4, everything shown is sold in 4's, as usual click on an image to see the items in more detail or click on the shop name to see what else they have to offer

framed set of prints four seasons glasses
Photography by Gail Griggs and re-crafts
Four toadstool fabric badges Four flowers A4 print
Kaela Mills and as seen through the lens by Kelly Powell
Little set of hearts Four stacking rings

four large ceramic buttons set of four coasters
Dottery Pottery and Top Floor Treasures
stripey egg cup set lego block crochet markers
Cuckoo Interiors and TheBotheredOwl
love letter magnets tree hug notelet cards
Kikichoo and Snow Queen Trinkets

There you go, hope you enjoyed my choices this week, look forward to seeing you all again soon.


  1. A belated happy birthday to your little (big) girl! Great selection of fours - those rings are on my wish list!

  2. Ah what a great selection! And lovely nod to your daughter's 4th birthday :) Thanks for featuring my coasters x

  3. Ah hope the birthday girl enjoyed her day! Lovely selection, the buttons are stunning

    Katie x