Monday, 7 February 2011

Car Owners (or for some read Idiots!)

Now I know it is said that owners can start to look their dogs and can share certain characteristics but as I spend more and more time on the road I am starting to notice this with certain makes of car and their owners.

There are far too many traits that car owners share when they own the same make of vehicle but there is one in particular that many people who spend time on the road will be able to identify with, I will say no more other than it is a German manufacturer and I am just curious if this type of car is bought by people who already have the traits of arrogance, impatience, rudeness, idiocy amongst others that arent polite to type all rolled into one or whether as soon as they purchase a car of this make then these traits suddenly take them over?

I have just had a very amusing episode (well it was for me anyway) with a driver of this type of car, not only did I have the cheek to carry on driving on the road, when he rolled out of a side street and fully expected traffic to part for him (must of thought he was Moses or something), so not only was I in front of him but when I slowed and indicated to turn right (but because another car had rolled quite far out of the street I wanted, I couldnt turn in so had to stop) but I had the sheer nerve to stop alongside a parked vehicle so this poor driver couldnt get past me - how selfish and inconsiderate of me to forget that when he bought his car that he owned every bit of road he wanted at any particular moment in time and that I should facilitate this!

After he let me know his annoyance (in no uncertain terms might I add!) that I wasnt willing to ignore the Highway Code and to move onto the wrong side of the road into on coming traffic to turn right and therefore allow him to continue his journey uninterrupted, can you imagine just how much more annoyed he got when I laughed at him, and then put my handbrake on to allow any and all vehicles that wanted to move around do so while he had to wait for me?  Probably very childish on my behalf but I dont appreciate being bullied by some *!@*!# who has spent a lot of money on what basically is an extension for an inadequate part of his anatomy when I have both of my children in the car and have just as much right to be on the road.

Right, now that I have written this I am now free to continue to crochet calmly so, catch up with you all soon.

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