Monday, 14 February 2011

Day one of half term picnic time

Oh well, day one of half term and its already what can I do with them today, we had all had a very quiet weekend as both of the littlies look like death warmed up, so gave them a rest on Sat and Sun.  As you might gather then,  they would not tolerate another day in the house and apart from that it did look like a bright and breezy day outside so I decided to take them out to the beach on our way to drop off some papers at my new employers (yes, I have got a new job - yay!)

The plan was to have lunch outside on the grass but once I had realised that it was a lot colder down by the beach than it was behind glass (duh!) I thought it might be better to have lunch in the car;

After lunch, we decided to go for a walk to the beach and took the little ball with us (not such a good idea it would appear considering how strong that breeze was!)
(Catch the ball, quick!)

(Buts its my go!)

(I am enjoying this mummy, honest....)

As it was a purely female trip to the beach because the one man we all love was at work, I decided to write him a message,

We went over to see Anthony Gormely's statues that make up his piece called 'Another Place'.  At number 87, the youngest seemed quite curious as to why he had no pants on...

And at number 88, both of them seemed quite concerned that they may also sink if they stayed there much longer...

After the above pic was taken, I turned around and saw this, it was then I decided it was definitely time to leave...

...with a brisk trot back to the car just before it started to rain.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself, blew a few cobwebs away and now the littlies are warm again they told me that they did enjoy themselves too ( and they should sleep really well tonight after all that fresh air! )

See you all soon.


  1. Sounds like you've all had a lovely day :)

  2. It looks like you left just in time! Hope you all had a good day x