Saturday, 29 January 2011

My little girls are growing up soooo quickly!

Today has brought it home to me and my husband just how quickly our little girls are growing up!  Today was the day for building the bunk beds as our youngest is too big for the cot and their room is so small that we cannot fit 2 single beds in there.

Here is eldests bed before dismantling;
and the space that 2 of them are going to fill later

I suppose flatpack furniture can look quite overwhelming sometimes!

All parts present and correct !

Once work had commenced, I did what most wives would do and decided to remain quiet and try to only be helpful when asked, things were going quite well with construction downstairs -
It was once construction moved upstairs that the swearing began!
by this point I could hear whistling so a) I knew things were starting to go right and b) it was safe for me to go upstairs and have a look!


Dressed with new bed linen for new beds

Do you think the beds have been met with approval?

Night night   zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

So far we have not heard a peep from them so they must be well away, all tidying up has been done so time to go and pour my poor worn out husband a well deserved glass of wine and start tea.
Lets hope I dont hear any bumps in the night!