Monday, 30 May 2011

Those elusive first few sales!

On Folksy, someone started a thread asking for shops that had yet to make a sale or were under 5 sales to leave a link to their shops and she was going to blog about them to get the word out to a wider audience.  She had such a response she was starting to wonder how she was going to pick a few for her blog, another Folkster then offered to do the next few and then a third offered to carry on, this is where I stumbled on to the thread so I decided to do the next 6 shops from those that responded to the original question.

So here are the next shops from that original thread and my favourite items from their shops, all of them looking for the first few elusive sales;

Seaglass bracelet clear Elephant hair clips
Maram and Merryberry
Chunky purple and silver bracelet Before the storm
KatyJaneCrafts and Images21
White Bobbly Bracelet Toki the mini munster
Bonnylass and MadbrilliantIdeas

So there you go, some new shops for you to look at, all full of real treats, as usual click on the pic for mre detail or click on the name to see what else they have to tempt you with!!

See you all soon, x

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  1. Thanks for including my elephants! You have a lovely blog.