Sunday, 29 May 2011

I have missed you! I am back and with an award too!

Finally Blogger has let me back in,  I have missed my blog so much!  I think access was lost when Blogger had a bit of a meltdown the other week but we are back - yeeha!

Right before the meltdown I was given a blogger award so I would like to thank Maria Devine of the beautiful for awarding me 'The Versatile Blogger Award'

Now there are rules for receiving the award and these are as follows;

1.  To thank the person who gave the award 

2.  To tell you seven things about myself......hmmm
 - I love the colours green and purple
 - I have 3 ridiculous cats, one who jumps at his own shadow, one who loves in the kitchen and never leaves and one who likes to hunt socks and crochet items!
 - I dont like milk so my tea and coffee are black
 - I have just bought a little purple Micra called Shlurple
 - I used to be scared of crumpets (because of the holes) but now I am not and they are yummy!
 - I love camping and cannot wait to go away this year and live in my gorgeous tent
 - My fave drinks are red wine or a vodka and coke

3.  To pass on the award to 5 newly discovered bloggers ( as I only started blogging this year all bloggers are new to me!)  and they are;

Right, so there you go, my very first award!  I am chuffed in case you didn't know.  Back soon with more posts now that we can get in again, see you all soon, x

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